Metrohm Dosino

Software programmable burettes for automatic liquid handling

The Metrohm 800 Dosino system consists of a Drive unit and an exchangeable Dosing unit. The drive unit connects through the Metrohm Serial Bus (MSB), to a Metrohm USB Sample processor or a 846 Dosing interface.

The Dosino is directly controlled by the NOVA software. An application note illustrating the use of this device is available here

Item Metrohm Article Code
Drive unit 2.800.0010
Dosing unit (2 ml) 6.3032.120
Dosing unit (5 ml) 6.3032.150
Dosing unit (10 ml) 6.3032.210
Dosing unit (20 ml) 6.3032.220

Dosing unit (50 ml)

Dosing interface 2.846.0010