Metrohm propeller stirrer

Software programmable propeller stirrer

The Metrohm 802 Properller stirrer system of a drive unit and exchangeable propellers. The drive unit connects directly to a Metrohm USB Sample processor or to the Autolab IME interface, using a dedicated cable.

The propeller stirrer is directly controlled by the NOVA software. An application note illustrating the use of this device is available here

Item Metrohm Article Code
Drive unit 2.802.0020
Stirring propeller 96 mm 6.1909.010
Stirring propeller 104 mm 6.1909.020
Stirring propeller 104 mm, PVDF 6.1909.030
Stirring propeller 102 mm 6.1909.040

Stirring propeller 120 mL

Stirring propeller 'intensive' 6.1909.060
Interface cable for IME 6.2137.000
Control ring for IME interface cable 6.1910.000