Metrohm Pumps

Software programmable pumps for automatic liquid handling

The Metrohm 823 and 772 pump systems and the Metrohm 843 Pump station provide the means to pumps large volumes of liquids during electrochemical measurements.  The pumps can be to a USB sample processor to a Metrohm USB Sample processor.

The pumps are directly controlled by the NOVA software. An application note illustrating the use of this device is available here

Item Metrohm Article Code
823 Membrane pump 2.823.0010
823 Membrane pump 'aspirate' 2.823.0020
823 Membrane pump 'rinse' 2.823.0030
772 Peristaltic pump 2.772.0110
772 Peristaltic pump 'aspirate' 2.772.0120

772 Peristaltic pump 'rinse'

843 Pump station (Membrane) 2.843.0020
843 Pump station (Peristaltic) 2.843.0120