NOVA Software Update

Information about the current NOVA release

NOVA release information

The current release of NOVA is the following:

  • Current major release: 2.1
  • Current minor release: 2.1.4

Release information (major release):

  • Application-wide search function
  • Check cell tool
  • Cell off control in i-interrupt tool
  • Support for Autolab spectrophotometer and light source
  • Manual control of spectrophotometer
  • New measurement commands and options for spectrophotomers
  • Custom names for all commands
  • Repeat number included in Repeat command
  • Zoom function for procedure and schedule editor
  • Support for Electrochemical Frequency Modulation (EFM) measurements
  • New corrosion rate analysis method according to ASTM G95
  • New controls for the Plots frame
  • All drivers now installed with NOVA

Release information (minor release 2.1.1):

  • Signal names, identities and locations are no longer overruled by analysis commands
  • Event logging in data grid
  • Current range logging in data grid
  • Default procedure for spectroelectrochemistry
  • Step through data option added to the spectrophotometer manual control
  • Export option added to the spectrophotometer manual control

Release information (minor release 2.1.2):

  • Several bugs are corrected; no new functionality is added

Release information (minor release 2.1.3):

  • New procedure information command tile
  • Export to RelaxIS possibility
  • Reconfiguration of the OCP command tile with improved functionality
  • Possibility to import a table in the Repeat for multiple values command
  • Control of the light source shutter in the Spectrophotometer manual control screen
  • A Demo Database file for spectroelectrochemical LSV has been added
  • Data files are now visually distinguishable from procedure files in the Procedure editor due to green shading of the command tiles
  • Several bugs are corrected

Release information (minor release 2.1.4):

  • A new Default procedure "Chrono charge discharge galvanostatic" was added
  • A new Demo Database file that demonstrates the "Chrono charge discharge galvanostatic" procedure was added
  • Possibility to edit plot properties within the Overlay tab
  • Option to disable event logging
  • Possibility to import a table in the Repeat for multiple values command while the procedure is running
  • Several bugs are corrected

More information on previous releases of NOVA can be found here.